Our Story

How We Started with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

As a cohesive team of clinical psychologists, our journey towards embracing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) unfolded gradually, yet profoundly. Our collective transition into the world of EMDR was not merely a professional choice, but a profound attachment that developed as we witnessed its remarkable impact on our patients for a myriad of concerns. After navigating through our doctoral education and immersive postdoc experiences, we planted our professional roots at NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy, a revered private practice renowned for its innovative integration of therapeutic approaches. It was here that we were introduced to EMDR, witnessing its profound impact on our patients, unraveling layers of healing and resolution that were palpably significant.

The evident and powerful healing journeys of our patients inspired us to dig deeper, pushing us to expand our knowledge and skills in EMDR. Witnessing the meaningful impact on our patients' well-being sparked a passion within us, leading us to establish a practice solely dedicated to trauma healing. Our mission became clear: to create a sanctuary with a steadfast focus on utilizing EMDR, guiding individuals through their unique paths of trauma and ensuring a route toward authentic healing for everyone who walks through our doors.

Why We Integrate EMDR into our Therapy Process

We embrace EMDR as an essential component due to its profound impact in facilitating transformative healing. EMDR goes beyond the surface, addressing the roots of trauma and emotional distress by accessing and reprocessing memories that contribute to dysfunction. It aids in disentangling individuals from the debilitating webs of their past, allowing them to rewrite their narratives toward a future unbound by pain. The integration of EMDR into our therapy process isn’t merely a choice, but a committed response to witnessing its capacity to unlock a deeper level of healing, especially where traditional therapy approaches may plateau. We’ve seen, time and again, how this approach not only guides individuals through their healing process but also empowers them to rediscover strength, enabling a rejuvenation of spirit, self-perception, and interpersonal relationships. Our integration of EMDR is a testament to our dedication to providing a therapeutic experience that is holistically transformative, sustainable, and tailored to the nuanced needs of each individual.

EMDR doesn't just address trauma healing; it remarkably eases various challenges that traditionally seem hard to overcome.

Our Ongoing Training and Commitment to EMDR

Our unwavering dedication to EMDR is embodied in our persistent journey toward acquiring advanced knowledge and competencies in the domain. We consciously immerse ourselves in a perpetual learning process, embracing the latest training, workshops, and conferences, as well as remaining updated with recent research and advancements in EMDR therapy. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrate the latest technology into our work, utilizing remoteEMDR, to augment our therapeutic approach and enhance results for our clients. This cutting-edge tool not only supports our practice but also bolsters our ability to deliver impactful, remote sessions, ensuring our clients can access transformative care wherever they are. The synthesis of our ongoing professional development and the incorporation of technological advancements underscore our commitment to facilitating a space where patients navigate through their healing journey, buoyed by expertly delivered, innovative EMDR therapy.