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We often think of trauma as one specific, significant event that impacts us in a way that cannot change. It may feel like an invisible wound, a mark, or a sense that we are defective in some way. The reality, however, is that this is wrong on both accounts: trauma is rarely a single event that happened to us, and despite feeling ‘stuck’ or permanently damaged, we can break free from it.
Advancing Therapy Techniques

Reshaping Lives Through Insightful Healing

Dr. Rebecca Hoffenberg, Dr. Laura Faiwiszewski, and Dr. Irada Yunusova are Clinical Psychologists that specialize in integrating EMDR into their work in a deep and meaningful way. Their work focuses on breaking free from the patterns of trauma so that people can learn to build happier and more fulfilling lives.
Dr. Rebecca Hoffenberg
Advanced and relational EMDR for rediscovery, resilience, and profound personal growth.
Dr. Laura Faiwiszewski
Combining EMDR & Hypnotherapy for Meaningful Change
Dr. Irada Yunusova
A multi-faceted approach to healing through EMDR, mindfulness, and CBT.

We can’t change the past. But we can change our reactions to it

While EMDR started out as a treatment to help people with PTSD, with advanced training and flexibility, it is so much more than that. The majority of our work uses EMDR in an integrative way that not only addresses a single event, but considers complex trauma and relational trauma that is often ongoing and difficult to understand. By working flexibly and incorporating other forms of therapy such as CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy, we address not just the trauma or traumas themselves, but also the issues that arise in response to the trauma that continue to wreak havoc on our lives.

We use the latest technology for EMDR in our sessions, whether in-person or virtually, through bilateral stimulation technology.